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RoEI – Education in Britain


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Article by Atul Arora

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both” – Robert Frost

I get asked about the Return on Educational Investment (RoEI), favourite topic to discuss among all. Going for international higher education, especially to a country in west like Britain, makes one wonder this question. I also thought of it.

Talking to a lot professionals and graduates, and understanding their experiences and of my own, RoEI means the success and satisfaction that you make after completing education. There are 3 pillars on which this depends, and those are Time, Interactions and Problem Solving. You can remember them as TIPS, and if these TIPS are applied properly, the RoEI could far exceed your expectations, and if not it may leave you in despair. Continue reading “RoEI – Education in Britain”

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Learning in the UK & Global Experience


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Article by Atul Arora

If I could study in Britain again and repeat the experiences, I would do it in the blink of an eye. The people I met, friends made and the things that followed while studying there and after it, it’s hard to put them in simple words. Continue reading “Learning in the UK & Global Experience”


GPS Rollover – Say What?


It’s a GPS rollover day, 06th April 2019. You wonder what is meant by GPS rollover, let’s find it out.

We have a critical relation with the Global Positioning System (GPS) in our day-to-day lives. GPS provides accurate timing information to many of our critical systems – power grid, communications (Uber, Ola, Google maps, etc.), financial markets, emergency services, and industrial control to name a few. The reason most of us are able to receive time on our electronic devices with atomic precision is due to GPS. Continue reading “GPS Rollover – Say What?”


Employability – What’s Stopping You?


Some 77% of workers in India will have vulnerable employment by 2019, according to the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook report.

In India the unemployment rate among 15-24 age group is higher—increasing from 10% in 2014 to nearly 11% in 2019. The vulnerable employment level is higher than those of the world or the South Asian regions. The report says that of the 535 million labour force in India in 2019, some 398.6 million will have poor quality jobs. Continue reading “Employability – What’s Stopping You?”


Do you know your Social Media Reputation Score (SMRS)?

Do you check people online and their social media? Others do the same. Be it before meeting people in real or after, we all want to know more about the people who we connect with and what hides behind that personality. People don’t want to work with, admit, or even date those who could pose a risk or threat to their reputation. Continue reading “Do you know your Social Media Reputation Score (SMRS)?”