Employability – What’s Stopping You?


Some 77% of workers in India will have vulnerable employment by 2019, according to the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook report.

In India the unemployment rate among 15-24 age group is higher—increasing from 10% in 2014 to nearly 11% in 2019. The vulnerable employment level is higher than those of the world or the South Asian regions. The report says that of the 535 million labour force in India in 2019, some 398.6 million will have poor quality jobs.

If you read trends reasonably well, you can fairly recognise and plan for opportunities – in all facets of life. Businesses are a constantly evolving because of the dynamic environment. You need to recognise trends, prepare and train yourself with forward thinking components. You should have contemporary learning practices, and develop skills to understand in-depth, capacity to review, think outside-the-box, retrospect and make informed decisions.

Unemployment is a complicated condition created by a combination of causes. It’s very important to learn the causes that are keeping you away from getting employed. We work closely with the CEOs and Directors of international companies; they all agree that the poor presentation and lack of preparation is a big NO. Presentation includes your CV, how you interact with the interviewer/employer, even how you shake hands contribute to getting employed. Preparation includes how well you know the organisation, knowledge of industry and demonstration of you being a right fit to the job.

What employers are looking for in prospective employees? This is a one big question and there is no definitive answer that fits all the employers. There are many factors that contribute to an employer’s need viz. competition, their position in the market, their financial health, pre-existing employees, etc. In this case preparation is the key, but do you know how to analyse an organisation to find out their needs? About presentation, how you present matters a lot. If your CV doesn’t convey a compelling story of why an employer should hire you, then why should they really hire you. An employer, on an average, take 7 seconds to scan through your CV and decide whether you to invite you for an interview or not.

These are some basic improvements that one should do, there are even further areas for improvement to follow. For example employability skills and their value to organisations, making a positive impression, establishing yourself in a new job, maintaining your value as an employee, etc.

Primoris Network has a talented consultancy team of Oxford, Harvard and Stanford graduates, and we work closely with the CEOs and Directors of international companies. We are here to provide you industry insights, connect you with the companies and prepare you for getting employed.

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