Employability Skills That You Need


With robotics and AI progressing, the skills you need apart from a degree to get employed:

  • Communication Skills – Written and verbal communication skills are at the top for getting a job. Reading comprehension, writing, presentation and public speaking skills all rank very high on an employer’s list of requirements.
  • Organizational Skills: All the jobs require management of time and resources. A person with excellent organizational skills can juggle multiple assignments across tight deadlines and make everything run smoothly.
  • Creativity: Creative output is what the employers are after. Creativity leads to innovation and innovation leads to growth. Creative thinking is one of the professional skills that will be most sought-after by future employers. As one of the integral skills for employment, it would be a good idea to start honing creativity skills as early as now.
  • Critical Thinking: Gauging priorities, gathering and interpreting information can be easily done through automation. The reason why critical thinking is an important skill to add, this is due to the fact that making sense of all the complex relationships, interrelated propositions, and implicit assumptions when facing issues allow to better prioritize and interpret information and use them to come up with the better solutions to a presented problem.
  • Social Intelligence: Emotional intelligence, which is the recognition of our own and other people’s emotions and handling them appropriately. Social intelligence is one of the skills you need for a job in the because it will absolutely be needed for interaction with clients, customers, and peers; especially when most interactions will already happen online.

Primoris Network has a talented consultancy team of Oxford, Harvard and Stanford graduates, and we work closely with the CEOs and Directors of international companies. We are here to provide you industry insights, connect you with the companies and prepare you for getting employed.

Reach out to us or fill out your details in the form below, and we will help you with any query:

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