Do you know your Social Media Reputation Score (SMRS)?

Do you check people online and their social media? Others do the same. Be it before meeting people in real or after, we all want to know more about the people who we connect with and what hides behind that personality. People don’t want to work with, admit, or even date those who could pose a risk or threat to their reputation.

Even the embassies and consulates of major countries check your social media profiles before issuing any visa. The US administration just made this obvious by asking social media profiles when applying for any category of visa.

BBC News 2

Source: BBC

Ask Primoris Network for further details

More than 70% of quality recruiters search and screen your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinedIn, Twitter, etc; you don’t know just how often your profiles is being checked. More than 40% of singles judge a date by their social media posts. More than 40% of college/university admissions officers search you up on social – they are not only looking for red flags that may lead to a rejection, but also for positive factors that prove the student would be a great addition to their institutions.

We don’t give too much of a thought while posting over social media; we all like to express and share the moments through social media posts, it’s easy to misinterpret the original intention when taken out of context, and it can easily harm the opportunities. Let’s admit, how many times have we misinterpreted posts from others?

You can make a difference to your life by managing your social media profiles well. According to studies, your social media miss management might be causing you INR 300,000 or more worth of growth opportunities. It’s time to take an immediate action, and no longer lose the opportunities.

Contact Primoris Network today and know your Social Media Reputation Score. We will guide and help you improve your social media presence.



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