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Learning in the UK & Global Experience


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Article by Atul Arora

If I could study in Britain again and repeat the experiences, I would do it in the blink of an eye. The people I met, friends made and the things that followed while studying there and after it, it’s hard to put them in simple words.

It was as exciting as learning to ride a pushbike without balancing wheels. You leave friends, family, day to day support of your parents to explore a new way of learning, culture, make new friends and call this new country your second home. Being on the flight for this new journey, the experience and feelings were just amazing which I can still recall.

Initial few weeks in a new country are always a bit of struggle, but totally worth it. This is when you are acclimatising and making new friends. During the first year, I made a lot of friends from different cultures such as English, French, Koreans, Chinese, Russians and many more. Also, the first two words that I added to my informal vocabulary or English slangs were Cheers and Quid. We all say cheers while raising the toast, but as a British slang, it also means ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’; Quid as a slang is Pound Sterling (£). Thinking now and chuckling, it definitely made sense to add these two words to the vocabulary first, as a student you are appreciating and managing expenses.

It’s not just about achieving a degree when studying in the UK, it’s the whole package of learning and experiencing things differently. English language of course being one of the top skills that I improved; learning different cultures, being more global and cross-cultural communication are among others that were added. I also added survival skills to my portfolio viz. cooking, doing laundry and planning in advance, for sure these skills are helpful in impressing friends and family, and sign of a grown-up.

After finishing the university, I worked as a consultant briefly, and consulted High Net Worth (HNW) individuals on trading and investment strategies in London. Through the friendships that were made, I then worked with an e-commerce start-up in South Korea with Korean friends. It was again exciting to understand and learn a new country; having studied in the UK, I was already equipped with the skills necessary to quickly learn and do well. Those were great learning exposures and experiences which then helped me to land job with a British investment bank.


Now studying in the UK has become even more exciting, as the British government launches Graduate Immigration Route (also known as Post-Study Work) for international students. It enables international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies to stay and work, or look for work, in the UK. This route is for all the international students, including those from India, who start their degree from the academic year in fall of 2020 (September 2020) or graduate in the summer 2021 and after (i.e. July 2021 and after).

What does this mean if you are aspiring to study in the UK for 2020? Start the process now (be it for undergraduate or master’s), especially if you are looking to target the top universities in Britain. The new route is for all the international students, which means you are going to be in competition from those applying from China, Middle East, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Universities in the UK accept applications on a rolling basis, which means an application is looked more favourably if applied earlier.

If you are looking for further guidance, professional advice related to your education in Britain or you are already pursuing a degree in the UK and looking for guidance, then please leave your details in the form below. I shall get in touch with you to further discuss your queries.

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