Street-Smart Underdog : Communicate – Engage – Progress

“It’s who you know, not just what you know.”

Who you know and who knows you matters, knowing the people and having relations open the doors to success. We all know friends, coworkers or associates who got better opportunities by having good relations.

Communication & engagement play the key role in developing long lasting successful relations. Effective communication & engagement makes you 25% more successful and increases your confidence by 30%.

Communicate – Engage – Progress, is the core philosophy of Street-Smart Underdog.

Moral of the story, the kid should have used street-smartness and reached a decision. Some might say that the kid would be better prepared for next time; that might not be the case if she didn’t learn the value of good decision making. Alternatively, her dad should had helped in decision making, this is how the mentors play their role.

It happens often with almost everyone of us, we go through the situations of indecisiveness, stuck and feel like an unskilled kid. Unable to seek advice from friends and family as they may lack competence, unable to find a mentor and then ending up with a potential failure. Even the great Arjuna needed mentorship and guidance from Krishna, therefore the problem of good decision making is centuries old.

Street-Smart Underdog programme is what you need to be the captain of your own ship than being a victim of someone’s game. The programme takes place over the weekend, with the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. The COVID pandemic and global unicertain situations have increased the cost of failures exponentially. This program is for you if you are looking to become street-smart, make good decisions, learn about human-human transactions, develop trust in relations, raise funds for your startup, or be good at execution of strategies.

Through the programme you are going to:

  • Learn the 7 stages of communication & engagement
  • Learn to develop trust & successful relationships
  • Read the situations & people
  • Have access to networking get-togethers

Join Street-Smart Underdog programme today, fill out the enquiry form to register your interest.

Join Street-SMart Underdog program today, fill out the enquiry form to register your interest.

Click on the Enquiry Form tab to register
You can also chat with us over WhatsApp


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