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RoEI – Education in Britain


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Article by Atul Arora

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both” – Robert Frost

I get asked about the Return on Educational Investment (RoEI), favourite topic to discuss among all. Going for international higher education, especially to a country in west like Britain, makes one wonder this question. I also thought of it.

Talking to a lot professionals and graduates, and understanding their experiences and of my own, RoEI means the success and satisfaction that you make after completing education. There are 3 pillars on which this depends, and those are Time, Interactions and Problem Solving. You can remember them as TIPS, and if these TIPS are applied properly, the RoEI could far exceed your expectations, and if not it may leave you in despair. Continue reading “RoEI – Education in Britain”