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RoEI – Education in Britain


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Article by Atul Arora

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both” – Robert Frost

I get asked about the Return on Educational Investment (RoEI), favourite topic to discuss among all. Going for international higher education, especially to a country in west like Britain, makes one wonder this question. I also thought of it.

Talking to a lot professionals and graduates, and understanding their experiences and of my own, RoEI means the success and satisfaction that you make after completing education. There are 3 pillars on which this depends, and those are Time, Interactions and Problem Solving. You can remember them as TIPS, and if these TIPS are applied properly, the RoEI could far exceed your expectations, and if not it may leave you in despair.

Lost time is never found again. I would not give a lecture on how important it is to properly utilise time, we all understand it. Though, as a human nature, we have this tendency of ignoring the facts and leaving things till the last minute. Do you have a 5 years plan about your future? Do you know what sort of experiences or internships you should be gaining going forward? These may not be easy questions, but you need to strategise and plan, it’s about your future. When students or aspirants approach me for guidance, many of the times they don’t think of the steps beyond deciding about the degree subject and university. Time is of importance when planning and strategising, so that you don’t wake up during the last minute.

Interactions with people or networking is very important. Look around, organisations, nations and societies do not work without interactions. Networking with people and especially with those related to the industry or sector that you aspire, matters a lot. This sounds fair enough, but how to find the right people to interact and network with? It is a skill in itself and also relates back to the first pillar of Time, and having a plan & strategy. Interactions and networking helped me realise opportunities which otherwise I wouldn’t had known.

Problem Solving and skills development are what you learn and educate yourself through higher education. Many of us after graduating fall in the trap of believing that we deserve opportunities. This is not right, opportunities are earned. Remember there’s competition everywhere, if not you then there’s another person in the queue. That’s where second pillar is helpful, as you interact and network with people related to the industry, you are letting them know your problem solving skills and build the trust factor. Why do organisations hire or why do people buy a product/service? Simple answer, there’s a problem which needs solving, or there’s a need that a product/service would fill.

If you have these 3 factors sorted, you will have a great RoEI. Things that have been discussed here may feel like common sense, but it’s not. It could be daunting to pen down 5 years of future or the idea of approaching industry professional, but there are definitely ways to make it easy.


Now studying in the UK has become even more promising on RoEI, as the British government has launched a Graduate Immigration Route (also known as Post-Study Work) for international students. It enables international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies to stay and work, or look for work, in the UK. This route is for all the international students, including those from India, who start their degree from the academic year in fall of 2020 (September 2020) or graduate in the summer 2021 and after (i.e. July 2021 and after).

What does this mean if you are aspiring to study in the UK for 2020? Start the process now (be it for undergraduate or master’s), especially if you are looking to target the top universities in Britain. The new route is for all the international students, which means you are going to be in competition from those applying from China, Middle East, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Universities in the UK accept applications on a rolling basis, which means an application is looked more favourably if applied earlier.

If you are looking for further guidance, professional advice related to your education in Britain or you are already pursuing a degree in the UK and looking for guidance, then please leave your details in the form below. I shall get in touch with you to further discuss your queries.

Primoris Network has a team of talented advisors all coming from professional backgrounds. We have proven methods and strategies to guide you for the best education & career path. Connect with us to know further.

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